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User Journal

Hemos's Journal: Get My Move On 11

Journal by Hemos
So, I'm preparing to make my second move in about two years or so. We'll be moving from Boston, MA (really,Newton) to the Ann Arbor, MI area. I'm looking forward to this move for a number of reason.

We (my family) had a hard time adjusting to Boston. I've got two young kids, and the people our age in Boston don't have kids, so their assumption was that we didn't have any thing in common - the folks who have kids are older, and assume we don't have anything in common with them. SO, we've had a hard time meeting and making friends. Of course, my noxious BO probably doesn't help things either "*grin*

But we know a number of people in Ann Arbor, and will actulaly have friends again - and be closer to family. Oh, and the BSI office will arise again - Taco, Myself, Neal Samzenpus, and Nate will be back in the same office. yah!

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Get My Move On

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  • I know you probably already thought of this, but I'll write it anyway.

    Remember the kids in the move. I've moved several times in my life (when I was younger) due to my dad's job. Some moves went well, some went downright awful.
    Your kids, most likely, aren't at an age were it will matter much, but always make sure they are part of the decision, and you consider them throughout the process. Moving your kids, even at a young age, means a complete change in environment, and, sometimes, a change in their patterns.

    Just something to think about (as I said, you probably already have, but just in case).
    • Yeah, that's actually one of the things we're trying to be careful of. The youngest is just seven months, so frankly, she won't care much as long as she's fed. *grin*

      The other is almost five. She's looking forward to the move, actually, but we're trying to minimize impact. E.g; not doing packing and stuff right now, so that she still feels like she's got a home. She's also picking stuff out for her room, which should help personalize it.

      Part of the reason for the move is to be closer to fmaily/friends, which she is looking forward to. But good advice in any case - thanks.

  • Does this mean more GiS is on the way?
    • Yep - we need to set the studio back up. I 'm moving in the first of week of June, so we're figuring probably towards the end of June. The other two (nate & pater) will be moving later on the summer.

      And who knows - maybe we'll even plan them this time. *grin*

  • of geeks in space!!!!!!

  • A few years ago after growing up there. Absolutely still love the place and fly back every month or so to see friends. If only Ann Arbor was a lot bigger but still had the same feel... ah well
  • Man, I bought the condo next to the one I was living/renting in for the last 6 months. Great deal on the property but what should have been the easiest move turned into a nightmare. The phone company screwed up big time and cost me almost 6 weeks of time. Their blunders included sending someone named carlos's phone to my house and my number to god knows where for almost two weeks. What a pain in the ass considering the move was all of 35 feet down the hall. I hope your move goes better than mine.


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