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User Journal

ProfMoriarty's Journal: WTFAYTM??? 2

Journal by ProfMoriarty
(Or ... What the fsck are you thinking moderators?)

Ok ... rant mode on ...

Ok ... after being modded down (ok for good reason), there is a HUGE discrepancy on the moderation done to posts ...

For instance ... I got modded down to -1,Offtopic ... Ok ... I can understand it ... but then 3 posts later ... someone was modded UP 2,Funny for the SAME DAMN THING!
My post ... and the other post similar to mine ...

Just a LITTLE CONSISTANCY would be nice ...

Or ... even in the same story ... the beowulf joke appeared ... this one here got modded to -1,Offtopic but this one is 2,INSIGHTFUL? WTF?

Ok ... so I'm a little agitated that I got modded down, when others are being modded up ...

Oh well ... it's only /. Karma ...

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