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Journal smitty_one_each's Journal: Recalls the jokers around here 6

Mufson and Eilperin, at least, give no reason we should believe a word they say. They rely on their status as staff writers or reporters for the Washington Post and the aptitude with which they can deploy the lingo of journalists fulfilling their traditional function consistent with professional norms.

Read the whole thing for a tale of two sad little hacks at the WaPoo, doing their lame best at attacking the Koch brothers, and their bitch-slapping at the hands of among the better bloggers online today.

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Recalls the jokers around here

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  • Like with every other rag, the bottom line is all that matters. Truthfulness is not an indicator of success. Advertising dollars is the only criteria being bantered around the boardroom. And printing stories like this always brings out the kind of people the CIA is interested in. (Post -> Bezoz -> CIA) You shouldn't be falling for all this "lefty" BS.

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