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Obama Scandal Bracket

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  • We'll eradicate Twitter. I don't care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the power of the... Republic

    Short trip, eh?

  • You just don't like Obama, you racist.

    ....... and if the 2016 GOP Nom is Ted Cruz, if you don't vote for him it's because you're racist against Latinos.
    • ...and if the 2016 GOP Nom is Ted Cruz, if you don't vote for him it's because you're racist against Latinos.

      Or maybe we don't like Nathan Lane

      There are many reasons to dislike Obama. The ones you people pick are basically non-issues when a person you like is in office. But we know why you really don't like Obama, because he's... a democrat, yeah, that's it, a democrat. When can we get water fountains and public restrooms and reserve the front of the (short) bus for republicans only? Oh, how I pine for the

      • .... and with your post, you proved my point completely.
        • What, you were making a point?? I mean, all I saw was a simple troll post, and I just added a bit to it, you know, with attitude 'n stuff. You needn't get all defensive.. And the projection! Oh my! Eh, I shouldn't be all that surprised. You all are famous for that.

          • The point was simple. I'm not surprised at all that you didn't pick up on it. But since I'm a nice guy, I'll explain.

            I made the point through sarcasm that the lefty trolls here would just accuse smitty of racism for not grabbing his ankles for Obama.

            You show up, and true to the playbook, promptly call us racist.

            Like shooting fish in a barrell.
            • I did?? Where? That's a pretty wild imagination you got there. Maybe some day you can put it to good use.

      • Some Democrat. The citizens of Crimea voted to secede from the Ukraine and join another union, where's the respect for democracy there?

  • I'm quite sure you have come up with more than 64 "impeachable" conspiracy theories yourself. You might need to add another play-off level to this bracket system.

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