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Seth Finkelstein's Journal: Michael Sims "goatse'ing" letter #1

Journal by Seth Finkelstein
[Continuing the saga of What Happened To The Censorware Project (
This is probably an example of the type of message which Michael Sims considers as "stalking" or "harassment". Remember, The Power Of Journalism results in an outcome that if Michael Sims hijacks a domain and replaces it with a rant, then apparently I'm in the wrong for writing to people in trying to clean up his mess. Or maybe it's that I'm not happy while doing grunt-work in cleaning up his mess, and that's a severe loss of reputation for me. Because of course anyone would be overjoyed to deal with a "goatse'ing" of a group domain and making it into a personal smear-site instead. It's truth-is-in-the-middle in action.]

Dear webmaster:

On your website. on the page "Hot Issues"
you have a link to
"Passing Porn, Banning the Bible"

Any links to are no longer valid. The FORMER webmaster of, Michael Sims, hijacked the domain and turned it into his platform for personal ranting. Michael Sims is now misleading people by intentionally redirecting all existing anti-censorware report links and returning instead his current flame. Whatever you think of it, it's certainly not the anti-censorware information you expected.

For further validation, you may examine the public statement by Censorware Project, which is archived at
It describes Michael Sims as "flipping out on us" and that his domain actions "will continue to confuse people and divert traffic"

The new domain for Censorware Project is http://censorware.NET . All links to http://censorware.ORG should be replaced with http://censorware.NET

Thus, the link above to
should be

Please fix this link. Thank you.

Seth Finkelstein Consulting Programmer sethf[at-sign]
Disclaimer: I was formerly chief programmer for Censorware Project, but I am no longer a member. This letter represents personal views only, and is not an activity of, or endorsed by, Censorware Project.

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