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drig's Journal: Baby on the Way - New toys

Journal by drig

Well, I have my 1st child on the way. Alora Hope Rudder is expected on around May 4th, 2002. And, as a good member of the /. community, I am getting a few really cool toys.

I'm looking at picking up a Sony TRV140 from the Circuit City near my place. It has ieee 1394, USB, etc. Basically, it's the cheapest digital camcorder. I also like Sony products (I'm the proud owner of a Sony still camera, which is excellent except under poor lighting).

I've done some video editing under Linux before. Check the sonogram mpg at I used Broadcast 2k and the GNU VCD programs. It wasn't exactly easy or quick, but it worked reasonably well and is very flexible. I'm hoping that the import is easier with firewire.

We're also getting some baby monitors which are pretty cool. 900Mhz. I'm a little worried about privacy, but I haven't found any spread-spectrum monitors. And, seriously, if someone wants to listen to Alora cry, let them. I don't plan on hatching schemes to control the world within earshot of my baby. Still, it's the principle of the thing.

And the tech that goes into these supposedly simple items is amazing! The stroller folds up with a flick of the wrist. The rocker has a dozen points where it is specifically designed for breast feeding (I know...I can't breast feed...but, some of the features apply to a tired dad feeding with a bottle).

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Baby on the Way - New toys

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