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djh101010's Journal: What I think SCO is really up to...

Journal by djh101010
I don't think SCO's goal is to win a lawsuit, I think their goal is to cast FUD on the GPL specifically, and open-source in general.

Let's look at this logically. SCO isn't stupid, they know that they have no case. Therefore, winning isn't their goal. Even if they lose, the FUD that they've spread is going to stick, even if it's just a little bit. I can't even propose linux-based projects because my employer (a fortune-50 insurance company) doesn't want the hassle. The FUD is working already.

If they just go away, the FUD sticks. If they get bought out, the FUD sticks. If they get shot down legally in no uncertain terms, some of the FUD will _still_ stick. Their goal isn't to win money, their goal is to try to destroy or cripple the Open Source Software community.

When one's enemies' actions are illogical, it makes sense to re-evaluate what that enemy's goals might be.
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What I think SCO is really up to...

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