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Let's try this again (mod points)

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  • my post [slashdot.org]
    • BTW, thank you for doing this. Trying to get karma up from "good" to "excellent" to get that swanky posting bonus... :-)

      • Well that last post and the resulting +4 mods finally let me hit Excellent karma. It's only taken me what, 5 years?

        Considering some people get Excellent karma their first week on Slashdot I guess I'm not the hugest hosebag in the world. I will now click the "No Karma Bonus" checkbox for the firs time in my life, yipee!

        Thanks again TMF!
        • My pleasure Rusty. Have fun with the karma!

          Note: points expire in 5'ish hours...Wonder why nobody's interested...or else nobody reads my journal...Can't imagine why, I post such great stuff so often!*

          *Humor impaired, joke warning
  • Ugh, okay I heard the Richard Cohen article read on-the-air yesterday where Cohen describes how he intentionally defrauded (not his words) this National Guard system by moving frequently and requesting transfers to new States.

    Oddly, the original story in the Washington Post [washingtonpost.com] is not loading right now and seems to be the only item I have tried to go to on the website that will not load.

    Here is a blurb in one of the papers that quoted the article:


    But Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, writing of hi

  • anybody else?

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