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stoolpigeon's Journal: Android Studio/Eclipse Retraction 3

Journal by stoolpigeon

I wrote yesterday about my issues with Android Studio and that I was using Eclipse instead. I wrote too quickly.

Apparently there are some bugs with Eclplise, ADT and Fedora 20 maybe KDE is a part of it too. Anyway I can't keep it going and Eclipse crashes regularly and quickly. This made me go back and look at my issue with Android Studio. An error in the text I used for a text box on one of my layouts was the issue behind it locking up. I had to run the app from the console to figure this out and then fixed the text with Kate and I'm back in gear.

I started the class late so I've been playing catchup. So I don't have time to dig any deeper right now on the Eclipse issues. I've got the first little app mostly done and now I'm working on the second. They are due in five days. After that if I have time I'll keep poking at Eclipse to see if I can find the issue.

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Android Studio/Eclipse Retraction

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  • I've never understood the Eclipse thing, but it seems like less editor, all buried in icons. "Phooey", say I.
    • I've never used Emacs.

      The nice thing about an IDE for Android dev is that it makes creating certain types of apps super easy. And that's what I need right now. I'm not doing anything fancy at all. I'm not really writing code - I'm just arranging widgets. I don't have to worry about what files I need, correct structure, creating certain types of files, etc. It is all managed for me and I just point and click all happy like.

      At some point I'd like to dig deeper as I have some ideas that will require more work

      • It seems a trifle weird at first, but, after about 15 years, I kind of 'get' it.
        Conversely, you show me one of these over-done IDE gadgets with more icons than a Russian Orthodox cathedral, and I just cringe.
        I want a simple directory lay out, some simple text files, and less hidden state running around in there, making simple project tasks fail silently.

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