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Fall off the planet, Blame Boy

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  • It's their torrent of piss.

  • Can you point to anything that the republicans did to aid in the success of their health insurance industry bailout act of 2010? They did a lot to try to destroy it one way or the other, that is inarguable fact. Whether you count any of their attempts as successful or not is another matter, but it is awfully hard to show anything they did towards aiding in it not failing.
    • Including, apparently, taking over Oracle?

      Near as I can tell, they're the only ones actually profiting from this, at least in Oregon. 300,000 uninsured, maybe 400,000 due to canceled policies, and 30,000 signed up to replace their health insurance, with a whopping 44 actually ready to pay a premium.

      The only winner is Oracle, with $300 million in contractor fees for putting up a PDF file.

    • That steaming loaf of a Ryan-Murray budget deal actually funds the ObamaCare [] idiocy. That just goes to show the colossal twerkery that is our purported "two-party" system.

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