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Google Plus Custom URL is so messed up it's not funny.

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  • The only custom URL I have for by G+ business page is the *entire* business name in full, minus spaces - RedunserCreativeSolutions - needless to say, not much use to give out to people. No option is allowed to specify a shorter versions (say, RedunserCreative). I guess I will have to consider changing my business name, since Google evidently aren't going to budge. No wonder they're trying to hoodwink as many users as possible of their other products into acquiring a G+ profile - the way they're operating G+

    • It does feel very Microsoft-Like, eh? ;-)
      • Microsoft-like? No thanks, I had my fill of 'Modern' Windows - back on 7 again.

        Speaking of which, this was on one of the occasional Microsoft newsletters I received today - Happy Retirement, XP [] - I'm sure the placement of those balloon strings is entirely coincidental. ;)

        • I meant the way how Google manages G+. By coercion (Youtube!) and "my way of the highway".

          I like Windows XP. I have ranted before that the IT industry totally lack a concept of maturity. XP is a prime example of it: sure, it's not perfect, but it is so well known, that securing it and managing it is a breeze. Oh, well, I stand alone with that opinion. What can I say?

          Thanks for the infographic. :-D

    • Oh, and I did notice you were using G+ more frequently. There is not much going on on G+, but I still post, just to keep my social network usage diversified. This is also why I have an increased usage on twitter.
      • I'm using Twitter a fair bit now myself - at least on there I'll actually see most people's posts, something that's now a distant memory on Facebook.

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