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User Journal

uncadonna's Journal: recent flix, all kid stuff

Journal by uncadonna
The Cat in the Hat I loved this movie. Don't take your kids, though. Even more disturbing than Babe, Pig in the City, which you should also see when your kids are away at summer camp or something.

Matrix Regurgitated Yawn.

Return of the King Vaguely disappointing, though beautiful and worth seeing anyway. I didn't hate it as much as the first nor love it as much as the second. Very disappointed at how the drama of the actual return of the king was completely obliterated, followed immediately by the cheesiest effects in the whole series. Minas Tirith was lovely, though.

That's about it for recent stuff. Too stressed out to see any grownup movies lately. I've been enjoying the first Rocky & Bullwinkle DVD, which almost compensates for the complete lack of new Power Puff Girls releases since their fiasco of a feature movie. It's almost enough to motivate a guy to get a television.

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recent flix, all kid stuff

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