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MyHair's Journal: Nevermind (was: Where did that article go?) 2

Journal by MyHair

Found it! Rekall. Slashdot article here, sites here and here. Also I now remember I wanted to try out OOo as a db client, too.

Sometime recently, Slashdot ran an article about a generic database front end that went from proprietary to open source. Kinda like Access but without a database engine--just the user interface. I meant to come back to it later and try it out, but I can't find the article or remember the name of the product! I've searched Slashdot, Freshmeat, Google, Google Groups and Google Directory with all sorts of combinations of keywords like database, front end, mysql, postgresql, report, designer, query but had no luck in finding the article or the software.

I think there was an R in the name of the software.

Does anybody remember that software or article? I think it was in the past couple of weeks.


P.S. To avoid smartass responses like the one I would leave ("Yes, I remember it" with no more info), I also request that you name the software and/or link to the article and/or the software site. :-) Thanks!

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Nevermind (was: Where did that article go?)

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  • Was it this [slashdot.org], or perhaps something mentioned in one of the comments?

    -- MarkusQ

    • Was it this [slashdot.org], or perhaps something mentioned in one of the comments?

      The Rekall story mentioned in my edit is the one I was thinking of, but your link is also interesting. It's interesting that these are both from theKompany.com.

      I downloaded the Rekall source tarball last night since I couldn't find any free binaries. My Cygwin installation didn't have the X dev libraries, my Debian stable system didn't have qt3, and KNOPPIX 3.3 didn't have the qt3 headers & libraries. I didn't feel like mucking around

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