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Austrian Anarchy's Journal: Just check out this blazing hot throughput!

Journal by Austrian Anarchy
Using AT&T Uverse is proving to be as swift as having an AOL dial-up account. Just checkout these blazing speeds: Two technicians worked on the problem yesterday, one took a new wireless router from the box and replaced the old one. He also replaced the box on the side of the house too. Another replaced something down the street and everything was smoking at around 10Mbps for a couple of hours, then went back to normal (numbers in the link).
This morning I got a call that there was a "network problem" that has been resolved and asked me if my service was back to normal. Well, it was over 10Mbps, until about 2 min. after hanging up the phone, at which time it went back to normal.
On Twitter, something called @ATTCustomerCare likes to answer ATT gripes there, but appears to be a verified bot. At least it gives the botish answers that the ATT people on the phone give. It wanted me to chat on "Liveperson.Net," which does not have ATT in the URL at all, so I went back to the phone.
Does anybody in Knoxville, TN use one of their competitors like Charter? Are they any good?
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Just check out this blazing hot throughput!

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