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Jack William Bell's Journal: What is RSS? 2

Journal by Jack William Bell

Well I know what RSS is of course, but you might not. And I could tell you, except Mark Pilgrim does a better job of answering the question 'What is RSS?' than I could. So you should read that.

But why am I answering a question you haven't asked yet? Well, because even here on /. people are trying to use it and because I am working on something that does cool things with it. So I think talking about this is very timely and I think you should want to know about RSS even if you don't know that you want to know. That's why.

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What is RSS?

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  • What I'd like is not just the distributed friends list but a distributed /my/amigos.

    Most RSS aggregators, well, don't aggregate. I can click on "Bob's Blog" and see the articles for Bob's Blog and click on Doug's Blog and see the articles from Doug. But I'd like to see all the articles from Bob and Doug like on Though it would be nice to have channels/categories/whatever so that I can have one channel for technology blogs, and one for politics, etc. but with each showing all the art
    • What you are describing is part of what I have been trying to design for my upcoming community/weblog/blah blah tool. Unfortunately, asking the question 'How do I do a distributed friends list' raised the question 'How do I know someone is who they say they are?' So that meant some kind of authentication system and a way to distribute that.

      Plus I have a concept that I call 'Anonymous Identities' where someone else can create an identity (say 'turg') that only they can use, but I have no way to trace back t

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