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The Internet

jcburns's Journal: Movable type-ized.

Journal by jcburns

So I threw the big switch and this morning Positively Atlanta Georgia went online powered by the Movable Type cgi/perl thingie engine product dude item.

This is a good thing, I s'pect, although it'll be a good while before I've done enough to get the other stuff that this site contains converted over and it becomes more of a routine event to post a new entry.

I've spent a lot of time messing with the CSS styles for this and Nancy's site, reading and re-reading the stuff about designing to web standards, and generally getting up to speed. this is about the third or fourth attempt to impose a content management system on this site, which has at various times been powered by Frontier and a great big cumbersome GoLive thing that really didn't make any sense--what was I thinking?

Actually, I've been thinking 'what was I thinking' a lot lately--since I'm a guy who has to look up the format for simple URL links, this slogging of tableless code, a festival of interlocked divs, is enough to make me reach for some serious iced coffee.

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Movable type-ized.

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