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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: THIRTY-NINE YEARS AGO, TODAY! 10

Who else remembers the graffiti?

"Flush twice, it's a long way to Watergate"
"Nixon: The Only Dope Worth Shooting"

Pity. He now - despite paranoia and megalomania - seem innocuous after what came to us at the start of the following decade - and persisted ever since.

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  • The country is facing up to the notions that:
    a) Progressivism is played out; we don't really need small numbers of self-appointed "experts" bossing us all around, and
    b) Technology is reshaping everything. The same flattening effect that hit the private sector is now rolling through the public sector, which is co-incidentally broke as a result of a).
    We're a couple of decades from settling on a new operating point. It's not clear yet whether b) will liberate or enslave. A) seems to be wanting to go for the
    • Enslave.

      We've lived in Edward Bernay's soft-cage of consumerism and media influence for almost 90 years. Now?

      It has acquired an electronic ankle-bracelet technology, that requires less fulfillment of promise to ensure our compliance.

      Those wingnuts that worried about Stalin/Hitler style FEMA camps were appallingly naive. The camp is the USA.

  • For a brain dead time.

    • :-) I had to check twice to make sure today is not Tuesday...

      May I assume you were there, then? Or is this something like Lisa Simpson reading about Paul McCartney in her history class?

      • I'm 42- I mainly experienced the destruction caused by that time, not the time itself. But compared with every president we've had since; Nixon was a freakin' liberal genius.

        • But compared with every president we've had since; Nixon was a freakin' liberal genius.

          You'll get no argument from me on that. It may have been his undoing...

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