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jamie's Journal: Can't make it to tonight's meetup 2 2

I signed up on and said I'd be at the Ann Arbor, Michigan meeting tonight. Then I got a throat cold. I've been feeling under the weather this week. I just don't feel like spending a total of 3 hours in a car when I'm still slightly mucusy and sore.

I think it'd be fun, but... maybe next month. Sorry.

I'd post this note on, but it doesn't seem like there's any way for me to do so, without giving them money. And I think I'll attend at least one real-world meeting of some kind before I'll be doing that.

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Can't make it to tonight's meetup

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  • accounts are free and there's a message board for each city's slashdot meetup where anyone with an account can post.
  • Is it pronounced "Jay-me" or "Jim"?
    Because I'm reading the "Song of fire and ice" series and in there's a (very evil) guy there called Jamie. But in the Hebrew translation his name is written like "Jim"... which is weird because the name Jamie doesn't feet him.

    And it reminds me something else - why aren't there girls in the slashdot crew? I wish there were - it could be much more interesting that way.

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