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Monsanto Bought World's Largest Private Army

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  • and to enforce their use of seeds and chemicals those seeds need to prevent insects from ruining the crops. it is scary that bill gates is in on this and thinks poison food that makes people sick and destroys native wildlife as well is somehow 'good.' food allergies are on the rise mainly from gm crops and the poisons on the food and in the runoff. i live in a place where somehow we have avoided trashing the environment, where vast stretches of national and tribal forests all survive with few burn offs. and

  • The US military is being leased out as private security also. Codenamed "Global War on Terror". The documentation might not reflect it, but Monsanto, and other 'investors' have bought the entire government, made more than a little obvious by the list of cabinet appointments and laws on the books.

  • by rk (6314)

    Their website is almost a parody of corporate websites. Apparently they've won something called the "Corporate Compliance of the Year Award" for 2012. What the hell is that? The words are English, but they don't parse to anything meaningful to me.

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