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Journal salimma's Journal: Behind the reduced mandatory reboots of XP 2

As pointed out by 0x0d0a:

From now on, failures in moving or deleting files and directories would be silent. Furthermore, to provide the user the illusion of his operation succeeding, XP's Explorer will even remove the directory's icon from any open windows. However, it is not actually deleted, and upon refreshing a window showing the directory's icon, you will notice that the icon returns.

Yikes. Guess I'll continue to reboot XP after biggish installs even when not told to - when I have to use Windows, that is. Which reminds me, the family PC needs a reinstall. Its XP set-up is deteriorating to the point that I could not set Mozilla to be the default browser because it mysteriously failed to appear on the menu.

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Behind the reduced mandatory reboots of XP

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