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carndearg's Journal: TT Web Site Manager 0.34 and ODBC module

Journal by carndearg
On the offchance that anybody reading a post of mine looks at my journal, here's an announcement about two pieces of software I wrote.

The TT Web Site Manager is a general purpose database driven website management system written in PHP, featuring support for multiple database servers.

It allows multiple web sites to be built and managed entirely on the fly from dynamic content stored in a database without recourse to static files.

Pages can be assembled in any order from a library of code items which can include a mixture of static HTML, SQL and PHP. There is no framework of templates or forms to constrain the coder and there is no limitation on content type, meaning that almost any content can be served

The TT Web Site Manager is currently at release version 0.34. This provides support for English(UK) language and MySQL data sources. In addition, the ODBC module, providing the TT Web Site Manager with support for ODBC data sources, is at its first stable release. You can get both pieces of software from http://www.technotoad.com.

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TT Web Site Manager 0.34 and ODBC module

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