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Time to Confess, all You Liars!

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  • For those of you who may have forgotten what you said, the linkage to the journal of interest is here [].

    My truth:

    7. I used to work at a drycleaner.
  • by GMontag (42283)
    I hate the twist. I always found it to be a silly dance.
  • Among several half-truths, the whole truth was:
    I was voted "most feminist" in my H.S. Senior class.
    Quite a hoot, eh?

  • MT collapsed and confessed that, indeed, no.7 on his list [] was his Vice. However, the Inquisition subsequently released our Hero without any corrective action being taken.

    Calls to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngster were not returned...
  • ... I lied on all of them, somehow. The only one closest to the truth is "3. I didn't light a signle cigar today.", which was true at the moment of writing the comment. I lit one, two minutes later...
  • Willoughby's Coffee []. Amazing stuff.
  • Some highlights first:
    6. I ate a gallon jar of pickles in two hours
    Almost, I ate a gallon jar of pickles in 3.5 hours. I will never do that again

    7. I wear combat boots
    Steeltoe boots, but not combat boots.

    8. I duel boot windows 2k and linux
    Nope, 100% pure linux.

    9. I made up my username from scratch
    I riped it from a very old game

    10. I only have watched under a hundred movies in
    my life
    I rated over 400 on netflix...

    14. I run my own web server
    I had a server that my friend coloed that I could use for free, s

Slowly and surely the unix crept up on the Nintendo user ...