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User Journal

Qzukk's Journal: 20 seconds of hate: outlook, *again* 1

Journal by Qzukk

Hello, Microsoft. Please explain to me the reasoning why when a meeting is sent to people, they get a blank email with an .ics file attached, which is absolutely fucking useless to everyone not using a calendar app?


BTW, yes, I know about the option to turn ical off, explain to me why the FUCK you are incapable of sending a readable email with an attachment.

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20 seconds of hate: outlook, *again*

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  • I hate that new computer. The OS isn't too bad, Windows 7, but why in the hell when It boots it says "Press Ctrl Alt Del to log in" rather than just displaying a login screen?

    But the nightmare is Microsoft Office. We were on 7, now 10. Why in the FUCK do they have to completely change the interface with every "upgrade"? I see no increased functionality, except they marked that stupid swirley button "file" but still moronically name the edit tab "home".

    I'm glad I retire next year and won't have to put up wit

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