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bsharitt's Journal: My website sucks 2

Journal by bsharitt

When I started my website, it was intended that it would lean towards Apple a bit, with other interesting articles, and other interesting or important news. It was like that that for the first few weeks, but now I've gotten lazy and it's gotten to the point that it's just an average Slashdot clone with links to a bunch of articles. In the coming weeks I hope to turn it around, but my biggest problem is that I don't have any help, and even a small site as it is it can be a big job looking up all that content. To that end, I'm taking applications for a coeditor or two. Benefits include, a share of the profits(if there are any), and unlimited mod points. Another problem with the site is that PHP-Nuke doesn't do all I need it too, and it does a lot more than I need(read: it's bloated). I am learning a little bit of PHP, but reshaping nuke is a big job, so I'm also looking for a part time PHP hacker. Benefits are the same as that of a coeditor. It's a young site and it would a be a shame if it died at such a young age.

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My website sucks

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