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Bad news.

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  • Great... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by shibbydude (622591)
    When will people realise that (insert your weblog here) is not the singular most important event in everyones' lives. Wow. I am glad that you are writing your thoughts down somewhere, I do that all the time, but I certainly do not appreciate reading someone's thoughts with random "bloat quote" entries begging for attention. Also, I really wish you would drop your username allong with your elitist bitch attitude. All it does is piss off the people who really do enjoy being a part of an organisation like
    • Wow. Never heard so much crap in one paragraph before. Well, maybe that's a wee bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. You certainly don't sound like you are a member of an intellectual organization, so you have no room to talk, if you wish to call that talking. Elitist bitch attitude. Sounds like a personal problem to me. Most likely pure jealousy. Can't stand it when someone flaunts their stuff, eh? Pity... such a pity.

      Have a nice day!
  • you smoked crack this time? you dumb little transexual.
  • Hi Mensa Babe,

    As both a female friend and fan of Surak, you should consider giving him some relationship advice. He's been having some unique problems that I'm sure you could help him with. Go check out his journal for the latest. I hope to see you there.

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