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budgenator's Journal: moderation maina

Journal by budgenator

As anyone can see by my user number, 254554, I've been on slashdot for quite a while. Originaly moderation duties was something I took very seriously, and didn't happen very often either. after a couple of +5 posts, I got mod points about once a month. Now however I'm getting mod points about once a week; thats a lot of work to do properly. It almost seems that the effort to moderate well is greater than the effort that the editors put into editing.

Also I think that everone should have at least one journal entry with comments enabled, especial if they have no email on slashdot; so a message can be left that might be a little too offtopic for a normal thead.

  I've often thought about putting some of the people that have posted stuff that's really pissed me off on my enemies list, then haunt their postings for things that can be modded down, which would burn off some excess karma and get my mod points back down to a reasonable level, or is that what everybody else is doing?

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moderation maina

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