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the state of affairs

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  • Sure, we could have spent that money on people here. But that is not the government's job. The government spent that money so that thousands of people could have freedom. Freedom from terrorism and brutality. This freedom allows them to live, and get an education, and jobs, and families.

    Sure, we could dole out the money to those who are not affected by terrorism. But how cruel it is to let people be tortured and die just for a few bucks for you to use for education.

    • Freedom to be occupied by a foreign army.
      • Freedom to be occupied by a foreign army.

        I'd rather be living under the occupation of a foreign army where I could live freely in the open and enjoy life, rather then living in a dungeon, or having my tongue cut out by a ruthless dictator.

        • Disclaimer: I'm being a sarcastic prick, but I still have some valid points in this.

          Well then you live in the wrong country if you live in the US.

          We have the highest per capita (and total IIRC) prison population of any nation in the world.

          Yea, we passed Russia. You probably commit an offense per day that can carry jail time.

          I'm not even going into the death penalty.

          We have severe problems domestically, maybe we should be selfish and solve them before we go out and try to solve the world's?

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