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Journal tenman's Journal: I was robbed 2

My cars were broken into last night. My wife had left her wallet inside her car. The theif(s) have already made purchases with our bank card. Most of the crap has been recovered. We've canceled all the accounts, and filed a police report. This is the first time I've been robbed and it has been a cheep leason that I can't let my gaurd down

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I was robbed

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  • Did they hit other cars in your area or were you and your cars the specific target?
    • The city I live in has been seeing a "sweeping" pattern. two to four people ride the the target area, the "walkers" get out at one end of an alley, and make their way the other end, where the driver picks them up. They usually go on trash night. When they are spotted, they use the trash cans to slow down the chaser. They do two or three alleys in place, then move on. It's a pretty smooth plan, but the theif who got me where stupid. They tossed out some of the most valuable stuff, and got caught trying

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