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The Courts

memfree's Journal: My bedroom *is* private! Yay! 4

Journal by memfree

I consider this to be the best right-to-privacy ruling in a long time. I know lots of people are thinking of this as a win for gays and liberals, but it is a win for people over bureaucracy. It favors all citizens (as long as they aren't suspect of being terrorists, having contraband items, engaging in immoral acts with children, animals, causing harm to another, or such).

To the point : The Supreme Court struck down a Texas sodomy law on the grounds that it violates a citizen's right to privacy. This ruling makes similar laws in several other states equally unconsitutional.

Comparing this to the 1986 Supreme Court ruluing that upheld sodomy laws, Justice Anthony Kennedy said the old t decision "was not correct when it was decided, and it is not correct today."

Take that, Santorum! -- We know you for what you really are! ( <-- see bottom of page) Ahem. Sorry for being petty. Santorum really pissed me off on this issue.

Read actual news at ABC News, CNN, Bloomberg, or any of a number of other sites. Me, I'm trying to think up the best way to celebrate!

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My bedroom *is* private! Yay!

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