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Journal Dr Reducto's Journal: Humor 7

Some slashdot humor that I am pretty sure is original(thought of it during work). Feel free to add your own via comments.

-He's a few nodes short of a beowulf cluster.

Q: Why did Natalie Portman cross the road?
A: To get to the grits on the other side

Signs you are obsessed with slashdot:

- Your liscense plate reads "ANON CWD" or your Slashdot ID#
-You have stopped making jokes, since there's nothing in it for you anymore.
-Your mom/wife/girlfriend starts yelling at you, and you yell back "-1 TROLL!!"
-You make CmdrTaco jokes to the manager behind the counter at Taco Bell
-All the paintings in your house are ASCII art
-You don't have a girlfriend
-When you walk though a rough neighborhood,you refer to it as "browsing at -1"

Thats all for now.

Added by others:

greg987123 (677841) adds:
Someone says something funny, and you say "MOD PARENT UP-FUNNY!"
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  • by gooberguy (453295)
    I wish there was a way to mod diaries down so I don't have to look at the bad ones.
    • As far as I can tell, you don't have to look at them.

      Unless your browser is clicking links for you.

      I'm on your foes list. Tee hee.
      • Re:uh (Score:2, Interesting)

        by gooberguy (453295)
        I'm on your foes list. Tee hee.

        The funny thing is, I can't remember WHY I made you a foe. Must have had a good reason, because I only do it to people I really hate. I guess I'll leave you on until you do something really nice and I make you a friend.

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