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phyxeld's Journal: Why is Apple Music removing tracks? 2

Journal by phyxeld

I saw a billboard for in Emeryville yesterday. (Didn't they agree not to ever do that, back when Apple Records sued them?)

So today I decided to check out the iTunes music store, which I haven't done since my initial look the day it opened. I typed in the same search term I did then - Radiohead - and got zero results. Thats odd, because the day they opened, they had all but one track of OK Computer. And now theres nothing. Why would they do this? Are there other examples of tracks which were available and are now gone? I thought Steve said they were trying to expand their library, encoding and adding new material all the time. So why remove tracks? I guess we could speculate. Maybe they're paying royalties just to list the songs, and don't want waste money listing tracks that aren't selling? Or maybe a record company changed their mind about the whole thing? Or maybe it's just a glitch, and the tracks will return soon?

Regardless of why Radiohead is gone now, the question "why was there a single track missing from the album in the first place" still stands. They had every track of OK Computer except for track three, Subterranean Homesick Alien . Again, speculation: Did they not want to sell the album for $9.99, so they made it unavailable as a full album purchase? Maybe it was cheaper to license it as a partial album?
But how was it decided which track to cut? (<fiess>It was a really good track!</fiess>)

I guess I'm just rambling now. I haven't bought anything from the store, and I don't intend to, because I prefer unrestricted audio formats over insulting-to-our-intelligence DRM formats. But somehow, as an Apple user, Radiohead fan, and mp3 archivist, I'm really curious about this stuff. If you read this far, feel free to speculate further in the comments :)

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Why is Apple Music removing tracks?

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  • What? (Score:1, Troll)

    by ConsumedByTV (243497)
    I had a conversation with Steve last night and he said that he will be looking into this.
  • apple can and does [itms] (the 1st album i found by clicking around, it doesn't mean i like shakira or pop music) limmit albums to purchasing by song only. so there has to be some other reason for not including an intere album (missing master?) i don't know.

    (in case ./ pukes over the itms url, here it is in raw form: itms:// /advancedSearchResults?artistTerm=Shakira&albumTer m=Laundry%20Service remove any spaces that ./ adds...)

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