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Journal sllort's Journal: New Fyodor Evidence Released 16

Trollaxor.com has obtained a cache of Fyodor's "Troll Hunting 101", briefly posted to www.insecure.org/tmp/trolls in 2002 by Fyodor shortly after hacking the computer of a Slashdot prankster. I have been advised that the images and content in this cache have been modified to protect the name and personal information of Fyodor's hacking victim (SumDeusExMachina) which Fyodor initially saw fit to publish. The modifications appear in bold and are clearly marked as REDACTED.

I would like to invite anyone who witnessed this firsthand in 2002 to post a comment certifying that this content is accurate to the best of their recollection below in the comment section.

I personally certify that this content was posted to www.insecure.org in 2002, and that I personally loaded and witnessed it.

The Cache.

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New Fyodor Evidence Released

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