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ebbomega's Journal: Soon to be no more....

Journal by ebbomega

Well, it seems I'm finally buckling all of this "You must have an inane page where you seem to believe your opinion is valid or something like that" stuff and deciding to move these occasional insights and mentions of my geeky surroundings to my Personal Webpage and am attempting to get Moveable Type running sos this Slashdot journal becomes obsolete.

I may still post here occasionally to get some of the geekiness out of my system (For instance, my continuing chronicles of trying to get the Personal Iris up and running may still be documented here (I got a tranceiver to hook up the AUI to CAT-5, but it's not being too nice about it...).

So yeah, apart from gaining employment, I'm also working on getting this SGI machine working as well as getting the blog running, although it'll be interesting to see how this works on the basis that the configuration that I've got it set for on my home box is going to be a lot more different than my dedicated T1 server, since they decided to use Win2K server and I'm using apache on top of Mandrake 9.1 here. So that'll be fun. Oh well.

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Soon to be no more....

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