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stoolpigeon's Journal: Kamoso - KDE Webcam Program 3 3

Last time I looked, the only webcam program I could find that sort of worked for me was Cheese - which is a Gnome application. I don't mind running Gnome stuff but I do like having KDE programs to use with KDE.

I checked again today and ran into Kamoso which is working really well for me. There really isn't any lag, it saves videos and photos very nicely. It's super slick.

I never did get Cheese to properly record video on this machine - but I do have the video card in there now so maybe it would work fine too. But I was really surprised by how snappy Kamoso is. Very nice.

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Kamoso - KDE Webcam Program

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  • by tqft (619476)

    Cheese works intermittently on ubuntu & debian sid but generally crashes on startup. I would use it more if reliable

    • For a long time cheese was the only program I could use to get still shots from my webcam. But this works much better for me. Hope it works better for you too.

      • by tqft (619476)

        I could get vlc to take snaps, but nothing with a timer (so I could get out of the way)

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