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evilviper's Journal: According to O'Reilly, My Name is "Some"

Journal by evilviper

Hmm, after reading an interview with Alan Kay, I made a couple comments that criticized him (and others) for complaining about the current state of computing , but not saying specifically what it is that we should have:

Today, I read an O'Reilly article which said (and I blockquote):

Some have criticized this interview because Kay points out the things that are wrong, but doesn't really offer solutions for correcting them.

I don't find anything wrong (or right for that matter) with the article, I just find it to be another interesting note on how far words on slashdot can carry.

This is the second event that belongs in my personal slashdot scrapbook of world impact (well, second under this username). The first being my solutions to the problem of unreachable DNS servers (which Sam later implimented into MaraDNS)

I find the first to be much more impactful on the world (I'm convinced it will end up in other DNS servers, and eventually into an RFC), but for some reason, I find this recent one to be much more curious.

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According to O'Reilly, My Name is "Some"

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