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Real Friday Five (yeah, and you expected something geeky)

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  • (Now *everyone* can be dazzled by my cleverness)

    1) You owe me awe!
    2) Totally
    3) Does making indentations with your nose count as "building a bowl?"
    4) "Hillary, the only thing 'clean' about the time we're going to have is the fuel!"
    5) No
  • 1) R-E-S-P-E-C-T (sockittome-sockittome-sockittome)

    2)if He has a good DM, nope. no display of creativity, he's just playing the same game his dad told him about when he was high on coke.

    3)I don't HAVE to, but the world sure is more happy place when I have done so.

    4)um.. as much fun as the Hydrogen powered funny car would be.. I'm gonna have to go with congress critter

    5)No one wants to see that. I don't even know what the doom song is. strip to the music from doom? whatever floats your boat.
  • 1. the 20 bucks a buddy of mine owes me.

    2. bush absolutely, positively, has to catch Sadam to have a chance at being reelected. If he don't catch Sadam, his 2nd best chance is catching bin laden. If he can't do that, he's SOL, because w/o a successful war, and the capture of one of those two, he won't be able to keep everyone's eyes off the US's sinking economy.

    3. no you don't have to, but the gravy would surely slink over the the green beans and flirt with them. you can't have that kind of behavior when
  • 1) I think I'm owed some virulent bacteria about now...
    2) swipper swipper
    3) more like a mild depression... nothing zoloft can't handle
    4) Coffee, peppermint, spumoni(sp?), and tin roof sundae, None, and of course.
    5) You wouldn't want me to... really
  • 1) I am owned that which I earn, that which my whiffle entails me to, and should I turn republican later in life, that which I grab from those who do not hold onto their possessions dearly enough.

    2) No, Saddam is just a mid-level boss worth maybe 5000exp max. Bush needs at least 13,000exp to level. According to the Player's Guiode, Kim Jong-il is worth at least 10,000exp given Bush's current level, and as such should be more then enough to take Bush off of level 1.

    3) Not necessarily, but otherwise gr

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