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mcgrew's Journal: Illinois Governor booed off stage on Governor's Day at state fair 6

Journal by mcgrew

Yesterday was Governor's Day at the Illinois State Fair, but he didn't have much fun. He was Booed off the stage when he tried to give a speech. The local channel, which I couldn't get to stream on this Win 7 notebook so I won't bother linking, said 2500 protesters were there. I won't link the SJ-R, either, because that web site belongs on websitesthatsuck.com (is that site still active?).

I tried to find a youtube video of it, but Google failed me there.

You can't live, and especially drink, in Springfield without knowing state workers, and they're PISSED. They tell me that Quinn is the most Republican Governor they've seen, and Republicans occupied the Governor's Mansion for 20 over years. One over the top worker told me "He's worse than Walker," referring not to the former Democratic Governor who went to prison after leaving office, but Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who faced a recall over his radical right wing anti-union policies. Quinn reneged on the union contract he signed, withholding raises and now is trying to get workers to take a pay cut, despite the fact that state employees earn less than their private sector counterparts and the fact that Illinois has fewer state workers per capita than any other state.

"How come they keep raising my taxes but the state's broke?" someone at Felbers asked nobody in particular. "Simple," I replied. "The politicians are shoveling the cash to their cronies. After all, this IS Illinois!"

The local station had a short clip of Lt. Governor Simon speaking to a reporter as the crowd booed Quinn. She had played banjo with her band there the previous night.

Politicians in both major parties need to wake up. People are incredibly angry.

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Illinois Governor booed off stage on Governor's Day at state fair

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