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Hardware Hacking

Journal jawtheshark's Journal: I know you want to be green of envy... 4

Public album on Google+. You don't need a Google+ account to view.

It's my full Raspberry Pi kit: I was lucky, the two high speed 4GB SD cards were 5€ each on sale, and the power adapters were on sale at 7.50€ each.
The RS Components Pi was 39,16€. The Farnell/Element 14 Pi was 42.05€ (including the t-shirt!).

The whole shebang was thus "only" 106,21€....
The SD cards are both loaded with the default Raspbian, with SSH enabled (just added links manually in /etc/rc[2-5].d)

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I know you want to be green of envy...

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  • by rk (6314)

    Imagine a Beowulf cluster of those! :-)

    Happy hacking!

  • I plan on picking up at least a couple more. And I need to get one of those shirts.

    I'm working at an English camp in Keszthely, Hungary right now and I saw a guy walking around in one. We had a great chat about the ras pi and what we hoped to do with ours.

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