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HBI's Journal: Wow 4

Journal by HBI

I posted something in 2007 about leaving and I apparently came back at some point, but now it's going to have to be for good.

Some statistics:

On Facebook, Reddit has 115k likes. Slashdot has 400 something.

I think this says something about left wing amateur journalism. Where /. went wrong was the political shit. It's a surefire way to piss off your readership. There were other huge errors but that one was very big. Leave the politics to politics sites. But then again, it appears that /. is a political site now, too. A bad one.

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  • But the quality of tech articles have gone down remarkably too. There was one about how to get around the blocking of TPB in the UK, dismissing using a proxy as a method for ordinary users, but for the truly 31337 haX0r? I clicked the article, hoping to see some clever TCP/IP legerdemain and instead what do I find? Use freaking Google cached copies of TBP pages. In other words, use Google as a proxy. I fail to understand the mindset that suggests being clever enough to set-up an international proxy of

    • by HBI (604924)

      When the journal circle went away, that kind of wrecked that part. It was a huge disturbance in the force, like hundreds of blogging types suddenly went silent. And went elsewhere.

      It's really sad because this didn't really have to happen. More professional operation of the site would have alleviated most of the issues that caused loss of readers.

  • Technology is vast and complex. Most people only know enough to have an opinion about a fraction of it. Contrast this with the body of Left-wing political thought. We're bombarded with the stuff every day of our lives. We've all been made excruciatingly aware of what the "recommended" set of opinions about things in general is. And so voila, it's something everyone can chime in about. Slashdot simply took their site, or rather followed it as it became, more and more "mainstream".

If you don't have time to do it right, where are you going to find the time to do it over?