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mburns's Journal: Audio CD Quality and Fictitious Forces in Cosmology

Journal by mburns

The quality of CD player reproduction is on my mind today, as is the contribution of fictitious potentials to cosmology. Both questions are guarded (at sites like Wikipedia and arXiv) by the orthodox priesthoods that censor discussion for the sake, in the end, of their personal equanimity.

Practical digital to analog converters do not interpolate using the entire digital stream, so the relevant theorem fails to protect these converters from outputting substantial distortion. Aliased signals, albeit of reduced strength, occur around all of the frequencies that are a factor of the sampling frequency. In another context it would be called a Moire effect. I am sure that an artificial sound track could be made that sounds terrible when recorded and played back from an audio CD - shoutiness and quavering.

The fictitious effects, nonlinear on sources of gravity, by coordinate systems that are not a priori Cartesian are incorrectly ignored by academics in general relativity and cosmology. There may also be an effect on sources by the incorrect use of the second rank tensor as opposed to the fourth rank. The cosmological constant is also an artifact of confusion that is occasioned by use of the second rank.

Including the effect of fictitious and real forces on sources, use of covariant coordinates, adopting the exterior derivative, and representing the two Bianchi identities in the correct fourth and fifth ranks, are the practices needed to clarify cosmology. Then solutions can be understood graphically due to full compliance with the principle of general covariance.

Michael J. Burns

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Audio CD Quality and Fictitious Forces in Cosmology

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