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User Journal

skoval's Journal: Curious Accident

Journal by skoval

One girl and three guys.
First (let's call him Chandler) once was secretly in love with the girl. Second (e.g. Ross) almost in love right now. And the third (e.g. Joey) is a newcomer.
After supper Ross has to leave the company. The girl gets strongly attracted to Joey after he says few compliments when she felt rather miserable. Probably due to alcohol, lack of sex and male attention, approaching thirtieth anniversary or another unknown reason, we'll never know.
Ross gets very upset but leaves anyway. The rest of the company moves to Chandler's appartment. He knows about Ross' feelings and doesn't want anything to happen.
When they arrive, Chandler starts a long chilling conversation about man-woman relationships. The girl get sober and calms down. Then finally all of them go to their homes. Joey and the girl leave in the same taxi but she looks very tired and dissapointed.
What are the chances that the history will continue in some positive direction? And which one? Since Ross, Joey and the girl work at the same office.

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Curious Accident

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