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User Journal

Daniel Dvorkin's Journal: A modest proposal 4

Journal by Daniel Dvorkin

We have already seen that "piracy" (in the IP sense, not in the original meaning of the word) is one of four root passwords to the Constitution. The others are "drugs," "child porn," and "terrorism." It's time to fight fire with fire.

I therefore propose that We the People, in order to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish these Talking Points:

(1) Lamar Smith gets campaign contributions from drug dealers!

(2) PIPA stands for "Porn Infant Porn for All!" You know it's really bad 'cause it's got "porn" in it twice.

(3) If SOPA passes, the terrorists have won.

None of this actually makes sense, of course, but if we repeat it loudly enough and often enough, it should work.

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A modest proposal

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  • ... (2) should be "Pedophiliac Internet Pornography for All." The "Internet" part makes it extra special scary.

  • None of this actually makes sense, of course

    I disagree. I think it makes perfect sense.

    We have to demonize the efforts to make the Internet into a Constitutional exception. In fact, we have to demonize any efforts by any government to limit the internet in any way.

    Because it's not only about a fight over IP Protect or SOPA. We've got to make it so that they never even think about trying this again.

    • Oh, I agree, of course. I'm just kind of sad that the demonization is necessary. There ought to be a better way, working with facts and logic and rational debate and ... you know, all that egghead stuff.

      • But it sounds like heaps more fun to go round yelling, "Lamar Smith gets campaign funds from Al Qaeda!" :D

        (Alas, this won't have nearly the desired affect here in Sweden...)

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