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micro-review: Gratuitous Space Battles

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  • I could kiss you for telling me about this game. It would have flown above my radar if you had not posted this journal.

    • by drinkypoo (153816)

      It would have flown above my radar too, if not for the latest humble bundle being advertised here on slashdot. It's one of the smallest games in the bundle, which is why I downloaded it first (plus I heart gratuitous space battles.)

  • I've had it for a while now, but saw it on the Indie Bundle yesterday.

    I concur. It's a great game.

    • by drinkypoo (153816)

      Yeah, I got the indie bundle after seeing here that it had been released. So far GSB is the only title I've downloaded, because I'm updating my wikireader. They gave me the address for manual http update downloads [] which is nice. Huzzah for wget. Got everything but the wikipedia updates themselves, but since you install wikis by dumping them into the filesystem that's cakelike. Now I just need to pull another three or so gigabytes over my 1.5Mbps peak connection.

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