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Journal Captain Splendid's Journal: This will be the Randy Savage Memorial thread, then. 6

Because apparently none of the rest of you savages have a soul.

Someone on another site made the valid point that, without Hulk Hogan, the Macho Man would probably have been the "It" guy for the 80's WWF.

Mind you, I was a "Rowdy" Roddy Piper guy from the get go. And this was before They Live. Go figure.
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This will be the Randy Savage Memorial thread, then.

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  • Too busy praying for Zsa Zsa... and waddaya know.. she woke up!

    BTW, as "The Greatest Drunk on Earth", André the Giant kicked everybody's ass..

  • Grew up near where Piper did, truly enjoyed most of the 80s stars - Randy was a more entertaining talker, but for absolute awesomeness, Sid Justice and Ultimate Warrior were the guys...

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