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User Journal

berck's Journal: Farmhouse 2 1

Journal by berck

That's really frustrating. I just wrote a journal entry, but seemed to have managed to not actually post it. Now it's gone for good.

Ah well.

So now you get it nice and short. My differential should be ready TOMORROW. Uh huh.

And the thing about a motorcycle. A 1972 Honda CB350 Motorcycle to be precise. In pieces with lots of rust. But I'm excited about it.

And since I already did this once, this is all you get today.

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Farmhouse 2

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  • was there talk of a farmhouse in the lost journal entry or is the subject a random? see, that is one thing that wont ever happen when writing on paper, once its written its writte, no posting involved. of course then i suppose a paper journal could burn up in a fire and that would really suck, while this one is imortalised on the net. whatever floats your boat i guess. i just made you a friend, whatever that means. i like a new means of procrastination. glad i figured out the reply thing and the journal thing and what not all by myself, does that up my nerdiness factor, or something? :) ok... i'll stop bugging you now.

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