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Role Playing (Games)

Shadow Wrought's Journal: My Rams 2

Journal by Shadow Wrought
I have been a Rams fan for years. Most of that time has been spent watching them wallow in various degrees of ineptitude, though "The Greatest Show on Turf" years were pretty fun. As I told Luke727 earlier in the week, I had no doubts that the Rams would be able to find a way to lose tonight. In all honesty, they have been playing over their level all season. They were, after all, 1-15 last year!

But I'm not disappointed. To be disappointed means to have your expectations dashed. I had no serious hope for the Rams this year, especially not with a rookie QB. What I did see, however, was a team that is more respectable. No longer a doormat, the Rams now have to actually be played. Their defense has improved and become stronger, their offense has a franchise QB now, and even their special teams are improving.

I knew that this was not going to be their year, but I have hope that next year will. The difference of course is that, even though I say that every year, I don't think it's sheer Homerism this time around.
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My Rams

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