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Star Trek meets Candyland

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  • ... listen for her humming the tune as she CRUSHES her mother in the game.
  • Man, I remember when my daughter was that age. Now she's 20 and in the next room working on partial differential equations in advance of her finals. But every time I see her, I still see her at your daughter's age. When I dream at night, my wife is always the age she is now, my friends are the age they are now, but for some reason, my daughter is still like 5 or 6.

    Please, absorb every single moment with her and put it in a place in your brain where only the most valuable treasures go. Not wanting to sou

    • by grub (11606)
      Not to worry, I love this stage of her life; warts and all. :)

      We started a family a bit late (I'll be 45 on xmas eve) and my daughter is ~4.5

      It's a good thing we waited, too, I was an asshole when I was younger. I'm much more mellow now :)
      • by PopeRatzo (965947) *

        It's a good thing we waited, too, I was an asshole when I was younger.

        I can relate. But really, nobody's ever really completely ready for kids. They show up one day and you either become a dad or you don't. Life changes in a way for which you cannot prepare.

        Enjoy the holidays, grub.

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