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User Journal

DarkKnightRadick's Journal: Ancients Were n00bs!

Journal by DarkKnightRadick

That seems to the common theme when an article showing even the hint of giving ancient peoples credit for knowing something was helping and were possibly able to track it down to a source that was providing a benefit.

Apparently only modern American humans are capable seeing that something has a beneficial aspect and tracking it down at the very least to a certain substance made in a certain way. Apparently we invented the scientific method, science, medicine, and everything else that represents the ability to comprehend it as something other than "magic". I'm rather sick of this crud. It smacks of cultural elitism when there is no evidence that such is not warranted. If this is the prevailing attitudes of the so-called elite, you can bet this will happen 2,000 years from now when they dig up our bones and discover the chemical cocktails that we ingest every single freakin' day from rBGH (meat, dairy products), (over)vaccinations, excessive use of anti-bacterial products and antibiotics.

God forbid we accept that a bunch of Nubians from nearly 2,000 years ago might have been on to something when they found that drinking their beer made from "moldy" grain had healing properties. I mean, it's not like they had brains and could work out a method for empirical testing. After all, they were only desert-dwelling Nubians.

You people make me sick.

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Ancients Were n00bs!

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