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Ellie K's Journal: What Identities are Used for Sign-in and Where, Gigya

Journal by Ellie K
Yes, this is a bit on the web analytics and behavioral side BUT bona fide statisticians (like me) do segmentation analyses too. That's what this is.

For the month of May 2010, Gigya reports on what sign-on's and ISP's were used for major traffic sites, stratified by category types. So that means there's more than merely Facebook and Twitter and social networking. Thankfully, that was only one of many category types used for the stratification. I haven't checked the methodology, but I did see that the sample sizes were sufficient, and that comparisons are provided in percentage and absolute values.

Gigya Identity Study , And I'll even provide the image for our lighter readers:
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What Identities are Used for Sign-in and Where, Gigya

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