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Journal Kymermosst's Journal: Moving data the easy way... 1

Well, today it was time to move data from one (EMC) storage array to another vendor (HDS). I have to say that Symantec/Veritas Volume Manager does in fact make it easy.

In short, to perform the move, initialize the LUNs from the new storage array into the existing disk group. Then execute the vxassist evacuate command to evacuate the data from the old disks. Once done, remove the old disks from the disk group.

I haven't kept up too much on developments Linux LVM or other volume management software since we use the Veritas products, so I don't know if any of the others approach this ease of migration. But VxVM has been able to do it for ages.

Every time I do it I think it's cool, and I haven't written a journal entry for a while, so why not write a JE about it while I wait for the 100 or so GB to move to the new array.

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Moving data the easy way...

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  • Moved on to the next server and found that someone had used LVM2 instead of VxVM for volume management.

    LVM2 is almost as easy, but requires a little more manual analysis and finesse if you have to clear off more than one disk. pvmove is the key command.

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